You or Y'all - SNL


Sunday - 9:30AM worship Gathering, Sunday Nights - Community Groups

Mar. 20, 2022

Western culture is known for a lot of things that separates itself from the rest of the world. One of those things is an individualistic approach to life. While that is not true in each and every situation, it is a prevailing outlook on how we do life. 

In some cases it is very helpful because we see the significance of individual responsibility. In others, however, we miss the importance of life in community. Since the Bible was written within a collective society we sometimes miss some of the “understood” details to the original readers. 

Some of that is through the confusion of the singular “you” and the plural “you.” Since they translate the same, we sometimes miss what the original recipients understood. 

Join us over the next few weeks as we look at some of those places it may help us to look beyond the individual to the community.