Radical Resources


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Praying for the WOrld

Voice of the Martyrs has been keeping followers of Jesus aware of the conditions and needs of those serving around the world for decades. This is a great resource for praying for specific needs around the world. 


Bless Every Home is a newer resource that reminds us to pray for our neighbors by name. Those that we have constant contact and opportunities do not need to be overlooked. Take advantage of this resource to pray for your neighbors.


Reading through the Bible

Reading through the Bible in a year takes discipline and perserverence. Here are two resources that can help. Take advantage of opportunities to get ahead in your reading and do not get discouraged when you fall behind. Reading through the Bible is the goal, a year is just a time-frame for accountability. It is perfectly fine to stretch it out. 

Both of these sites offer different reading plans: Straight (the way it is ordered in the Bible), Historical (the order they were written), Chronological (the order of the events), OT/NT/Psalms and Proverbs (some from each section). Pick one of them and start. You can try a different plan next year!