Good Fruit in a Bad Land


Sunday - 9:30AM worship Gathering, Week Nights - Community Groups

Oct. 18, 2020

The prophet Jeremiah was given a heavy task by God. He was called to share God's message of destruction amid the disobedience of His people that would lead them into captivity in an enemy nation yet eventually result in a plan for a future hope. During this time some of our most well-known heroes of the faith were put to the test under the national leadership they did not choose or want. Many of us are reminded of this struggle every four years. We end up living in a nation under the leadership of those we didn't choose or maybe we chose them but didn't really want them. As we move toward a time in our country that is growing exceedingly more post-Christian and even anti-Christian we need to know how to live out our faith in those situations. Join us as we look a the examples of our heroes of the faith and how we too can make a difference in the days to come.