Robert Beck from First Baptist Norfolk PRO 2 years ago / via Vimeo Desktop Uploader

Robert came to Chesapeake Fellowship through a friendship with Melody that developed at work. Melody reached out to Robert and because she loves God, loves others and lives the mission, she shared her faith with Robert.

Alexis Neff, Lifepoint Christian Fellowship, Baptism 2014

Harris Albritton – Commitment

Sam Beethoven – Commitment

Hannah Whitaker – Baptism 2014

Patrick Spence – Baptism 2014

Lucy Galan – Baptism 2015

Harris Albritton – Testimony

Grace Anne Horochowski – Testimony

Hannah Williams Testimony

Sean Sady – Testimony – Baptism Easter 2017

Amber Stein – Testimony Baptism Easter 2017

Ashton Sady – Testimony Baptism Easter 2017

Levi Carneal

Jonas Carneal


Rachael Miller – Testimony Baptism Easter 2018

Christina Betz – Testimony Baptism Easter 2018