LifePoint Students

We all have a storyline for how we think our lives are supposed to go. Maybe for you that story includes straight A’s, a perfect family, or lots of friends. Maybe it’s athletic stardom and college scholarships. Maybe for you it’s just finding someone to date before graduation. No matter what it looks like, we have a script for how we think high school should play out. And that’s great until things don’t work out like we had hoped. Until there’s a change of plans, a let down, a failure or a disappointment. Moments like that are frustrating and can leave us feeling like our whole story is ruined. The Apostle Paul’s life-story was full of twists and turns like these. Moments where no one knew what would happen or if it would ever be okay again. But through Paul’s response, we discover that our most disappointing moments don’t have to be the end. In fact, they may just be the plot twist that makes our story even better.

The Student Ministry at Lifepoint has adopted a healthy emphasis on active discipleship and growth that guides our students toward not only studying God’s word, but also applying the principles that they learn through service.  Components of our student ministry that you will notice include:

The Point- A monthly, high energy meeting for students at the Greenbrier Family YMCA that involves the introduction of The Point for the month, crazy games, and snack foods.  We strive to hold these meetings on the first Saturday of the month at 7pm with the goal of launching a new study emphasis (aka The Point) for each month.  The Point focuses on a Biblical characteristic or value that we believe is important for our teenagers to develop so that they can grow in their faith and make a difference in their world. For more information, look up this event on Lifepoint’s City.


LifeOnMissionSmall groups- These groups meet in the homes of our members typically on Sundays after the first weekend using studies derived from reThink, RightNow Media or other resources often taught by respected leaders in the Christian community. These usually gather from 6pm-8pm and include food, fellowship, and Bible study in age graded, gender separated groups.

Service-  We seek to actively involve our students in ministry on Sunday morning as well as with missions projects in the community.

Fun-  In addition to these gatherings and groups, we generally strive to have fun times for our students to have fun together.  Events have included movie nights, game nights, and outdoor fun.

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