Won By One To Jamaica Summer 2017

Won by One Ministry ( be working with Brad Meadows who will be there as a summer missionary doing construction work, working in orphanages & medical clinics. Cost:$1500. Contact person: Grace Horochowski-(240) 382-8191.  Brad Meadows has a gofundme page if you would like to help fund his trip.

Won By One To Jamaica is located in the rural, mountainous community of Harmons in South Central Jamaica. The ministry aims to have a big impact in this small community by consistently working to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people.

After more than 25 years of ministry, we have seen many lives changed and are encouraged to continue this mission.  We truly believe that this partnership between Americans and Jamaicans is one that has lasting effects for all involved and promotes our motto of Changing Lives By Changing Lives.

NYC-July 22-29

Will be working with Chosen People Ministries ( Work will consist of projects in the city reaching out to the Jewish community-Cost:$1300- Contact person: Jay Albritton-757-375-1772

NIGERIA-June 27-July 11

Working with Nigerian Pastor Friday in his church, Christian school, & orphanage. Cost:$2500. Contact Person: Dianne McCroskey-(757) 617-6943

East Asia Missions

Two of Lifepoint’s young ladies have embraced a wonderful challenge for approximately eight months as they will be living and teaching English in East Asia. Due to security constraints, we cannot give all of the details, but Somer and Carolyn are seeing God open great doors for the gospel while teaching English to children who are ages 2-9 years old. While there have been adjustments along the way, they have seen some exciting doors open for the faith. Aside from the novelty of being different, their willingness to teach English and learn the national language is building bridges to the local population. While schools in their country can be very poor and overcrowded, they are blessed to be in a new school complete with play areas, kitchen building/cafeteria, smart television screens for teaching, and a petting zoo that is coming soon.
Pray for Somer and Carolyn as they seek opportunities to share their faith, learn the national language, network with leaders in the community, teach English in school and with others who are older, assist the work of our missionaries living in the region, and cope with occasional homesickness (especially as Somer prepares for her wedding via Skype, etc.).